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Saturday, 29 April 2017


Dear 4th May Voters,

Our Co Chairman, Les Barratt, has issued the following statement. 
We will now cease posting on our website until after the County Election on the 4th May. 
Please take the time to read the statement below:


Dear Residents,

With less than 5 days to go to the County Election on the 4th May, I can only wonder whether we are all drinking in the Last Chance Saloon.
The opportunity to begin the unravelling of the Cabal that has taken hold of our District Council has never been greater. I speak of the County and District Councillor Susan Carey who is standing as the Conservative candidate in the Elham Valley Division of Shepway. This election is not only about who represents us at County level, but a message to Ms Carey, as well as Shepway District Council, telling her that we don't want her or her type any longer. 
We want to be represented, and we want to be represented now. Her actions of disregarding the views of the electorate, leads me to believe that Ms Carey is not fit to hold public office.

Ms Carey is the incumbent Councillor who strongly supports the building of the Lorry Park, the New Town and Princes Parade. Readers of our website will be more than familiar with our recent posting of our 'alternative' flyer for Ms Carey with a slightly more honest approach to her position.

Over the past few months we have been asked whether we are anti Conservative. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our Association is made up of people of various political persuasions; people with a vision for our area, people who believe in the democratic process.
Our position is clear: We are opposed to the Civic Centre Conservatives who believe they can ride roughshod over any democratic process, thereby foisting upon us unwanted and unneeded developments in and around our communities.

We have also been asked if we are anti development. Once again, of course not. it was our Association that took the lead in the Sellindge development where 250 homes are to be built. Originally, 1100 homes were planned, but through our negotiations with land owners and statutory bodies, a plan took preference to build homes around a village green. In the general scheme of developments, our position is aligned with CPRE.

On the election front, our true conservative friends now have a dilemma. Will they vote for the party or will they look to the individual candidates in this County election that best represent their views, locally.
I have had numerous conversations with conservative friends and the general consensus of opinion is that they feel embarrassed to say that they have voted Conservative in the past, but more importantly, they feel betrayed. They voted in good faith and have now been let down. Their votes will now be going elsewhere.
Conversely, I have engaged in conversation with, shall we say, non thinking Conservative voters who would vote for their party irrespective of the harm that it would bring to themselves or their communities. Turkeys voting for Christmas or Lemmings? It must be said that this type of neanderthal disposition can be seen across the political spectrum; it is not purely the domain of some Conservatives voters.
I often wonder how a manifesto pledge would be welcomed if it read: "Vote for me, I will reinstate execution for ALL of my local electorate". I'm sure we would still here the same retort from ill informed voters: "Ah well, they're all the same whoever you vote for" or "Makes no difference, they'll still get in".
Of course it's funny, but also tragic. Tragic in the sense that residents who really care about their communities may have to suffer for the sake of the cave man or woman mindset electorate. Is this the group of the electorate that our Councils or Governments rely upon to keep them in power?

Voting is an opportunity for us all to have our say, so please take the time to vote. Some will vote with hearts, some with heads, and some tactically. Whoever you vote for, make sure that the candidate that best reflects your views or passion is the one that you put your cross next to on May 4th.

As I have already stated, this is an opportunity to send a message to Shepway District and Kent County Councils that we have had enough of the pretence and deception from Ms. Carey and her other party candidates standing in this election. Take a look at their campaign literature. It is filled with superficial promises and peripheral issues that should be playing second fiddle to the proposed New Town and Lorry Park. No mention whatsoever.

These are proposals that we all have demonstrated about on five separate occasions. It's not as if they haven't heard us. They turn away, just as they're turning away now at this election.

In early December, we had a New Town Community engagement. We still have had no feedback from Shepway District Council on the outcome of it. Conveniently mislaid, forgotten or other.
I predicted that we wouldn't hear about it until after the election on the 4th May simply because, if the truth was told, it would be damning and could well affect the voting pattern of the election. In our own exit poll we found support running for the building of a New Town totalled 1.5%. We have the contact details of all residents that were surveyed.

So if you still wonder whether Ms. Carey deserves your vote, consider this:

At a recent Council meeting when Cllr. Mary Lawes commented against the proposed New Town but preferred to direct investment towards other parts of Folkestone and brownfield sites, Ms Carey, retorted: "You're speaking out the back of your head". Ms. Carey was then applauded by her cabinet friends.

Ms. Carey has stated on numerous occasions that she will never attend a public meeting to debate major issues.

At a recent Hustings at the Civic Centre where a Conservative representative was scheduled to attend, the seat reserved for the Conservative member remained empty. Representatives from all other parties taking part in the County election were in attendance.

Is it any wonder that our conservative voters feel embarrassed and betrayed.

To conclude, we are closing down our website until after the County election. By the time we open our site, we will know whether the opportunity has been taken by the electorate to send the message to our councils that we require honesty, integrity and representation from our elected Councillors. I truly hope that this will be the case. Please consider very carefully where you place your cross on the 4th May.

Les Barratt. Co Chairman, Sellindge & District Residents Association.

Lib Dem Video.

Dear 4th May Voters,

A latecomer to our site, Ross Clark has requested that we post his election video on behalf of the Lib Dems.
So here it be:


Dear 4th May Voters,

We have an apology to make to Mr. Lofting. He has taken the time and trouble to write to us but his attachment slipped through our net. However, the sentiment in his message is so strong on the subject of free speech that we have decided to publish it today. Please forgive us, we're only human. 

Better late than never:

Heavy Handed Bully Boy Tactics


I thought that the end of the cold war, when the wall in Berlin came down we had seen the end of the Stazi. It appears that it has resurfaced at Shepway District Council.


Not withstanding the regulations on fly posting, I can understand SDC's frustrations with a rally organised against their pet project (garden town), but we live in a democratic country, remember last June?, I cannot see how a council have the powers to censor a website just because they do not like it, I don't like my hard earn't council tax being used for building land investment. Had the contents been offensive then perhaps, but as the information is to inform people to an event, then I would say this is a gross interference in our lives.


What are we to do?

What the SDC seems to have forgotten in their airs of superiority, is the fact we are not mindless minions. First of all tell everyone and anyone that you know, about the rally and get them to attend on 22nd April and then take a leaf out of the new generations book and take to social media in all its forms and broadcast far and wide!


I expect true to Stazi form, there will be a presents undercover from SDC, to see who is opposing them, but as far as I am aware, providing the march is peaceful they cannot oppose or stop it, lets be loud proud and let our feelings be felt all the way to Castle Avenue. Do not let the bullies win.


Richard Lofting

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Dear 4th May Voters,

We are being contacted by residents who are still unfamiliar with the election process at County level. 

So, to be absolutely clear, this is our message to those Residents.

The Shepway area is divided up into six areas known as divisions.

Each area will have a number of candidates who will be seeking your vote. For example; if you are in the Elham Valley Division (look on your voting card) you will see that Susan Carey, Conservative (the incumbent Councillor) is standing for reelection.
Standing against her are other candidates representing UKIP, Labour, Lib Dems and The Green Party.

They are all seeking your vote to represent you at County Hall: They will be your voice at Kent County Council. 

Your vote will ONLY count in the Elham Valley Division. 

The other five areas' vote totals will have no effect whatsoever on the Elham Valley Division. Similarly, the Elham Valley vote totals will not affect the outcome of any other of the five Divisions.

When the results are known, the Shepway area will have six County Councillors representing us all at County Hall in Maidstone. 

Set out below is the outcome of the Elham Valley Division 2013 (taken from the KCC website).

Election results for Elham Valley

County Council - Thursday, 2nd May, 2013

Elham Valley - results
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
 Susan CareyConservative239344%Elected
 Nick JackUK Independence Party186134%Not elected
 Claire JeffreyLabour79915%Not elected
 Tom McNieceLiberal Democrat3987%Not elected
Voting Summary
Total votes5451
Number of ballot papers issued5477
Number of ballot papers rejected26
Share of the votes (%)
Susan Carey 44%Elected
Nick Jack 34%Not elected
Claire Jeffrey 15%Not elected
Tom McNiece 7%Not elected
Results graph
Rejected ballot papers
Voting for more candidates than entitled7
Unmarked or void for uncertainty17
Voter could be identified2
Total rejected26


Dear 4th May Voters,

On the 21st March, we invited candidates, via our website, to send us a position statement and/or video to post on our site. Posting one division at a time, we are profiling the Folkestone East division where 5 candidates are standing. Set out below is the 2013 election result for your information. 
None of the 5 candidates standing has offered a position statement or video to post on our website.  Please click on the link below to view:
As the divisional boundaries have now changed, we are posting the following 2 divisions:

Folkestone North East
UKIPFrank McKenna91029+12
IndependentBrian William Copping84627+2
ConservativeAnn Elizabeth Berry66421-6
Liberal DemocratLynne Beaumont40413-9
LabourPaul Richard Bingham32410+3
UKIP gain from ConservativeSwing

Folkestone South
UKIPBob Neaves1,00633+10
ConservativeRory Cassian Love98933-10
LabourBen Hart63921+11
Liberal DemocratGary Fuller35312-12
BNPHarry Williams411N/A
UKIP gain from ConservativeSwing

Please note that Cllr. Dick Pascoe is a member of the Conservative group of Shepway District Council that supports the building of the lorry park, Princes Parade and Otterpool New Town. Our Association is strongly opposed to Cllr Pascoe standing in this election given his unrepresentative stance of supporting Shepway Residents. We would openly discourage Folkestone East Residents from voting for Councillor Pascoe.



Dear 4th May Voters,

On the 21st March, we invited candidates, via our website, to send us a position statement and/or video to post on our site. Posting one division at a time, we are profiling the Cheriton, Sandgate and Hythe East division where 5 candidates are standing. Set out below is the 2013 election result for your information. 
None of the 5 candidates standing has offered a position statement or video to post on our website.  Please click on the link below to view:

As the divisional boundaries have now changed, we are posting the following 2 divisions:

Folkestone West
UKIPHod Birkby1,15533+10
Liberal DemocratTim Prater90326+2
ConservativeRobert Bliss76322+21
LabourPeter Wallace354100
GreenDerek John Moran2387N/A
TUSCSeth Cruse862N/A
UKIP gain from Liberal DemocratSwing

Folkestone South
UKIPBob Neaves1,00633+10
ConservativeRory Cassian Love98933-10
LabourBen Hart63921+11
Liberal DemocratGary Fuller35312-12
BNPHarry Williams411N/A
UKIP gain from ConservativeSwing

Please note that Rory Love, Conservative Cabinet member of Shepway District Council is standing in this division. Our Association is strongly opposed to Cllr Love standing in this election given his appalling track record of representing Shepway Residents. We would openly discourage Cheriton, Sandgate & Hythe East Residents from voting for Councillor Love.



Dear 4th May Voters,

A post from Shepwayvox that further confirms what we already know. 


Dodgy Dave At It Again? I'll Leave You To Decide That.


Geoff Miles (pictured) – co-owner Maidstone TV Studio & Chair of the Kent & Medway Economic Partnership, was according to the KM Kent Business the fourth most influential business leader in Kent in March 2016.

Mr Miles also sits on 12 companies as a director. One of the companies he is a director of, is called Redlynch Residential Home Limited [link]. Redlynch owns a property at Redlynch House, No 19, Hillcrest Road Hythe. It was a former rest home for the elderly and now sits empty, except the house sitters.

Front View

Redlynch Residential Home Limited has made a planning application to knock down the present building on the site and put up a block of nine flats. The planning application is Y16/0866/SH, and below is the plan.


Redlynch Residential Home Ltd submitted a planning application to Shepway District Council on the 01/08/16. Redlynch had received pre-planning application advice and this was given by SDC Senior Planning Officer, Annabel Hemmings. See box No 5 here → 19 Hillcrest Application Planning Form. It is not known if during the pre – application advice the submitter  received "an increased opportunity for engagement with elected Members, through briefings at the pre- application stage."


On the 1st August, the day the planning application was signed and submitted to Shepway District Council, Cllr David Drury Monk (pictured) and Mr Miles both attended a meeting of the Kent & Medway Economic Partnership at the Inspiration Suite, The Village Hotel Castle View, Forstal Road Maidstone, between 5pm & 7pm .

Mr Miles is the Chair of The Kent & Medway Economic Partnership & Cllr Monk has been a long standing member as leader of SDC. The minutes for 1st August make it clear they were both in the room together. See page 2 → KMEP_-_Agenda_Pack_4_October

So Mr Miles – who has an address in Sandgate – and Cllr Monk know each other very well as the Kent & Medway Economic Partnership has been going since 2013. The board; of which Mr Miles is Chair meets on average every two months.

Mr Miles is both Secretary and Director of Redlynch Residential Home Ltd and his wife is a sizeable shareholder. The main shareholder is Susan Hambleton who also lives Hythe and lives a stone throw away from No 19 Hillcrest Road.

On the 30th August 2016 Hythe Town Council – See Page 2 rejected the development of Redlynch House No 19 Hillcrest Road on the grounds of "over-intensification, the building would be out of keeping with the street scene (BE8) and there was insufficient parking"


There has been 19 local objections by residents who live in or near the vicinity of Redlynch House No 19 Hillcrest Road, which has spectacular views of the Marsh & Hythe Bay. It is known that Cllr Susan (Scary) Carey (pictured) has objected as the building will directly overlook her garden and property.

View Hythe Bay1

Anyway, as I understand it, planning application Y16/0866/SH was about to be turned down, when Cllr Monk Called it in on the 20/04/17. This means that it will now come before the Planning & Licensing Committee on the 30th May 2017, possibly.

So Cllr Monk now wishes to put it before the Planning Committee to vote on; which is Tory loaded. Do you think he might try to influence the committee?  It is known that he has done this before . Do you think that planning application Y16/0866/SH will get nodded through?

Will Cllr Monk like Cllr Owen compromise his integrity?

Is this another case of Cllr David Drury Monk being dodgy?

I'll leave you to decide that.


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