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Monday, 29 May 2017


Dear Residents,

A new group has been formed by a Stanford Resident on Facebook:

As we understand it, this is not a political group, but a group whose voice is that of 'thinking' people whose only concern is to protect their environment from one individual; Damian Collins MP.

From our understanding, the majority of Stanford Residents voted for the Conservative MP, Damian Collins in 2015, but it would be true to say that their views of Mr. Collins has taken an about turn since the Lorry Park debacle raised its ugly head. So are we saying this is a case of nimbyism? Certainly not. Stanford Parish already has a Lorry Park within the Parish called Stop 24. Their arguments against the largest Global Lorry Park are well founded and very well researched. It will never work and cause even more chaos than that seen two years ago.

The only reason the residents are calling to GET DAMIAN COLLINS MP OUT, is because he does not represent them. Before entering into politics, Mr. Collins was a PR man. Working for M&C Saatchi, Mr. Collins has no experience in Civil engineering, Logistical transport issues or any other engineering skills. He lobbied George Osborne for a solution to the unprecedented events of Operation stack in 2015 and £250,000.000 was set aside to build a monstrous Lorry park in and around small Kentish Villages.

To date, Mr. Collins is still advocating the building of the Lorry Park, even though many experts have told Damian Collins that a huge Lorry Park is NOT the solution.

We have also seen Mr. Collins support the building of a commuter Town; Otterpool Park. Along with our District Council, Mr. Collins is hell bent on development at any cost, ignoring the views of local Residents. 

To conclude: Prior to 2010, we had a very good local constituency MP, Michael Howard. Irrespective of your political allegiances, he was a good MP. He listened to us, he attended S&DRA's meetings, he fought alongside us on matters that were important to us. So Mr. Collins, you are the Folkestone & Hythe MP in name, but a Michael Howard, YOU ARE NOT.

That is why our Association is backing the campaign to GET DAMIAN COLLINS MP OUT.

Please use your vote wisely on the 8th June.


Sunday, 21 May 2017


Dear 8th June Voters,

The Sunday Politics show link is here:  Local news begins just after 36 minutes.

Please click to get the views of Conservative, UKIP and Labour Candidates from across the South East on the issues surrounding Health and Education.


Friday, 19 May 2017


Dear 8th June Voters,

Following the election material of David Plumstead and Martin Whybrow, our third candidate up with his election flyer (click to enlarge) is Stephen Priestley. Stephen is standing under the banner of UKIP with a strong message, not only on national policy, but local too. Stephen is his own man with a passion for the preserving and improving the NHS at every level.

As always, our message to our electorate is look to the individual candidate, if they speak your language, place your cross in the appropriate place on June 8th.


Dear Residents,

A new website has been added to our website, under the heading Useful websites:



Dear Residents,

You may have seen the front page of the Folkestone Herald this week headlining the closure of a Folkestone Surgery. It has been brought to our notice that Damian Collins would reassess the closure AFTER the election. In an email to the Folkestone Herald, Stephen Priestley has set out his views with a highlighted paragraph on Damian Collins' position.
Irrespective of any political allegiance, this pragmatic approach to a worsening situation across Shepway should be applauded, and one which, we believe, other election candidates would also support.

Dear Amy,

Many thanks for your email.

Our local UKIP group have convened an emergency meeting to take place this Saturday afternoon, so that a forensic approach can be taken to this problem, and how best it should be tackled going forward. I will be delighted to provide you with a further very detailed response, once this meeting has taken place, however, in the interim, as the problems are so urgent, I will reply more briefly, ahead of Saturday'smeeting, so that you are able to take this matter forward according to your own time frames. 

The first thing I would like to say is that my professional background of working in secondary mental health services within the NHS for over 20 years gives me a unique vantage point from which to respond. 

GPs across Folkestone and Hythe are under colossal stress and they receive less funding than in Ashford and other areas, even though their patients frequently face greater social deprivation and co-morbid conditions such as drug and alcohol problems, so their needs are often more complex and require robust and timely responses.

There is a great deal of concern about the GP surgery provision in the constituency and that services are at crisis point. I know that many patients will present at A+E departments if they can't see their GP. The same applies to those with physical problems. The delay in seeing your GP in primary care can lead to serious illnesses being diagnosed very late, when conditions have already progressed to serious acute crisis. This then creates increased pressures and a domino effect - I have seen many mental health patients being admitted to psychiatric hospital, and in some cases the outcomes are far worse than if a timely intervention had been available in the first place. The same applies to those with physical health problems: acute admissions occur as the health of patients have deteriorated to a point where treatment in the community is no longer a viable option. So from the perspective of patients, the closure of a GP surgery is a very serious blow. Often GPs have built up relationships with patients over a long period of time, and no longer seeing that dedicated health professional will be a major loss!

Primary care are the gate-keepers to secondary care services and inpatient care for patients, and they play such a crucial healthcare role. GP practices in Folkestone and Hythe need to be given the financial resources to function effectively, and GPs should not have to carry out their vital gatekeeping role in an environment of inadequate resources. The current funding formula which calculates the money GP surgeries receive is inherently unfair, and if elected, I would be campaigning fiercely to see that this is immediately reviewed for all GP surgeries across the constituency, and that greater funding is released as quickly as possible.

In some GP surgeries, there are insufficient GPs and there is a large dependence on Locum GPs, who charge higher rates of pay. The above problems require urgent attention at the highest levels of government, so that adequate funding levels are in place, that GPs are properly supported, that there are adequate numbers of GPs wishing to enter into primary care, and that their jobs are attractive enough for them to wish to remain in the profession, rather than seek to leave for better working conditions elsewhere! 

GPs are the bedrock of the NHS, and it is disingenuous and meretricious of MP Damian Collins to suggest that if reelected the position of Folkestone East Surgery will be 'reassessed and investment will follow.' This does not inspire confidence, given the current situation. MP Damian Collins should in my view have taken robust action at a far earlier stage. Perhaps then Folkestone East Surgery would not have reached the point where closing is the only viable option. Furthermore, why has nothing been done to seek improved GP funding for Folkestone and Hythe's patients, knowing that many face greater social deprivation than in other parts of Kent? 

Urgent action is required to address the capacity of GP surgeries to adequately cater for ALL its residents across Folkestone and Hythe, and I would respectfully suggest that Shepway District Council should fulfil its duty of care to its existing citizens, prior to going forward with the Otterpool project that would boost the Shepway population by 41 per cent!

In summary, my priorities if elected would be to garner at the earliest opportunity increased funding for GP surgeries across the constituency via consultation with all key stakeholders. I would also seek to meet regularly with GP practices across Folkestone and Hythe, to discuss key issues such as GP training and retention, and work towards the longer term objective of making the prospect of working as a GP in our constituency an attractive prospect, so that primary care physicians feel committed and supported to working with our residents for long periods of time, and to end the dependence on Locum GPs as quickly as possible.

Stephen Priestley
UKIP Parliamentary Candidate
Folkestone and Hythe Constituency

Thursday, 18 May 2017


Dear 8th June Voters,

Our Green Party candidate in the general election is Martin Whybrow. Known to many for his pro-active role in the community and recently elected County Councillor, Martin has always been a great supporter of residents, championing their views over local issues; namely, Lorry Park, New Town and Princes Parade.

Here's Martins' election literature:

Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Dear 8th June, General Election Voters,

The table below (click to enlarge) sets out the Candidate for the Conservative party, Damian Collins. Taken from the SDC website, the list of signatories may be familiar to you, notably David Monk, Susan Carey, Jenny Hollingsbee, Peter Gane, Clive Goddard, Dick Pascoe, Roger Wilkins, Robert Bliss, David Owen, Ann Berry, Alan Ewart-James, Russell Tillson, Roger West, Hugh Barker etc, etc. All Shepway District Councillors; some past but most present.

Many of the Councillors, if not all of them are supporters of the Otterpool New Town which David Monk and his cohorts are steam rollering through with absolutely no consultation with the Shepway electorate. Damian Collins is the biggest supporter of the proposed New Town as well as the Lorry Park.

The point is; Would you vote for someone who is instrumental in the wholesale destruction of our communities and countryside with no regard whatsoever of the Parishioners views. 

We would never tell you which way to vote in any election, but if you value your countryside and communities should you be voting COLLINS ?


Saturday, 13 May 2017


Dear Residents,

Do you think your council tax is being spent on worthwhile and essential services: Ones' that you feel you've have had a say in. Ones' that have followed the path of democracy?

Think again. Our friends at Shepwayvox have highlighted 4 payments to the proposed New Town Master planner's, Arcadis.


Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Dear 8th June Voters,

Are we to assume that the majority of voters residing around Stanford et environs are anti Conservative. We don't think so. Cast your minds back to a life, pre Damian Collins when we were all very well represented by a very good local MP; Michael Howard. Michael, a former Conservative Home Secretary was an excellent local MP who would readily engage with our Association on various local issues. 

The image below shows the sentiment of local constituents towards the individual calling himself Damian Collins. Whether he be a Conservative or a member of any other political party, Mr. Collins is not wanted or required in the constituency of Folkestone and Hythe. 

The message to our Conservative voters is to look to the individual. Read the election material that drops through your door; note the local issues and the candidates position towards them. 

If you are opposed to the major developments: New Town, Lorry Park and Princes Parade, ask Mr. Collins what his position is on these 3 major issues. Ask him why he has continually supported the idea of building the worlds biggest Lorry Park between our Kentish villages when KCC are now supporting smaller Lorry Parks spread along our motorway networks.

So are we anti Conservative? - NO.  Are we anti Damian Collins? You bet we are, with a whopping YES. 


Monday, 8 May 2017


Dear Residents,


Well, she pulled it off. Going on the old adage that you can fool some of the people, some of the time has most definitely worked for KCC Councillor, Susan Carey. She convinced one in five of the Elham Valley electorate to go along to the polling station and place a cross next to her name. But were they aware that Ms Carey was not, shall we say, putting the electorate totally in the picture. Did they vote for the smiling Susan that you see pictured below, stating that she would safeguard the environment, give young people the best possible start in life, campaigning for better broadband and mobile phone signals. Of course they did. They were also probably of the mindset that they had always voted Conservative so why would they want to change a habit of a lifetime when all appears so hunky dory. 

But hang on a minute; did they realise that there was another side to Ms Carey: one that she is actually ashamed of. Yes, ashamed of. If she wasn't ashamed of her involvement in the urbanisation of our countryside or the fact that she voted to support the building of a lorry park, why didn't she shout it from on high. Quite simply because it would probably have altered the voting pattern of the election and ensured that her KCC salary and expenses would be extinguished in one foul swoop. 

Pictured below is (also) the smiling Susan Carey that we have used on our spoof election material to keep the electorate completely in the picture. Obviously it didn't reach 1 in 5 of the electorate that actually voted for Ms Carey, but it better reflects what Ms Carey is all about.

My name is Susan Carey. I support the urbanisation of our countryside in and around Lympne, Sellindge, Newingreen, Westenhanger and Court at Street.
I voted for the concreting over of 250 acres of good arable farmland to build a Lorry Park that would never actually solve the problems that Operation Stack brings to this part of Kent.
I voted for and support the building of 150 homes and a leisure centre at Princes Parade, Hythe.
I fiercely rebuffed any suggestion from Councillor Mary Lawes that existing homes should be upgraded before building a New town that would bring 30% open space (as opposed to 100%) to rural communities.
I, along with deputy Leader Hollingsbee, have always maintained my position (since the Lorry park and New Town announcements) regarding meeting the Shepway electorate: NO PUBLIC MEETINGS WHATSOEVER. If you would like to talk with me and Jenny Hollingsbee, please contact me to arrange a meeting. I will only speak to individuals.

There we have it. Susan Carey didn't actually write any of that, but it more accurately reflects her position as a Councillor. So, was she dishonest or economical with the truth on her election material? Was she too ashamed to mention all of the facts above? Is she fit to hold public office? We'll leave you to decide all of those things. So, if you happen to meet a Carey voter, ask them if they actually know what they've voted for. Chances are, you'll be met with a vacant gaze and the old adage: "They're all the same, whoever you vote for".

God help us.



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